Conroe Noon Lions 'Leading Lady' gives sneak peek at Owen Theatre show

Amanda Anders/ Conroe Noon Lions

Greetings to all Lions and readers. As the Lions this week prepared for the featured theatrical luncheon many previews hit the stage. Lions began gearing up for the Reeves Elementary Attendance on Oct. 19 where 196 kids will celebrate a treat for earning perfect attendance with no tardiness! Continuing into Saturday October 21st, Service Saturday took club members to YES to YOUTH’S - Bridgeway Home to assist with landscaping, setting up a new commercial kitchen and the more challenging activity of decorating cookies with the residents.  Hopefully there will be no icing flying! CNLC also continues with their weekly Vision Screenings at area preschools and will participate in the VFW Trunk or Treat event October 28th.  Lions will help children with their vision so they can make sure to see the monsters in the night!  The club will host their quarterly New Member Orientation on October 26th.  Now, as you are silencing your phones for our featured presentation, reminder that if you know a Conroe High School Senior, PLEASE have them contact their College and Career Counselor for scholarship opportunities now going on with the Conroe Noon Lions Club.


Lights Camera Action! This past Wednesday our very own Morgan Freeman took the stage to give us some insight into the Owen Theater and her participation in the upcoming show “Leading Ladies.” The preview started at The Moose Lodge, Ahhhh Oooooo with the June 1952 general meeting of the loyal order of the Moose. The gentleman introduced the newest presentation of the Players Theatre Company, Kevin Ludwig’s “Leading Ladies” which opens Friday, October 20th.  

There were 2 sneak peek scenes from the show with plenty of humor ongoing to represent what community theater is. A lot of the plot points for the show were taken from Shakespeare’s 12th Night which was a comedy. I don’t want to release any spoilers, so you will have to see the show and laugh for yourself! The finale of the presentation was Lion Morgan Freeman & President Jason Miller performing a Shakespeare excerpt, which Jason played Lady Olivia with a full burgundy wig. Lady Olivia during the scene falls in love with who she thinks is The Duke, but is really a lady named Viola disguised as a gentleman. During the comedic scene, President Jason had to be reminded multiple times to use his feminine voice and he missed his que to swoon.  He was eventually fired and returned to his fitting duty of Lions Club President. Lion Morgan and team wrapped up the presentation explaining how to obtain season tickets to the theaters and the box office is open Tuesday- Friday 3-6pm/ online anytime. Morgan wanted to remind the club that it is a great opportunity for the community to place their digital devices aside and experience living in imaginary circumstances through theater.

Remember Lions, our Club President, Lion Jason Miller’s mantra for the year - “We don’t have to, we get to!” If you are not a Lion, but are looking for an organization that embodies “We Serve,” then visit on Wednesdays, noon, at the Lone Star Convention Center.

For more information, please visit our website,, or call the local club office at 936-760-1666.  You may also call 936-760-1666 for additional information on any area Lions Club.

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