Gobble, Gobble Lions!
      🥧I know we are all looking forward to a short week and over indulging in turkey and dressing, and pumpkin pie; so enjoy your Thanksgiving and remember all that we have to be thankful for living in this beautiful country of ours. 
     📢I have a special announcement for Ricky Morton and Connie McNab – NO ONE WILL BE AT LUNCH THIS WEEK, NOVEMBER 22nd.  If the two of you do show-up, carpool on over to Denny’s and have a Turkey Yam Slam together!
     💰There are still a handful of UNSOLDLucky Derby’ tickets so hit-up Uncle Earl and Aunt Ethyl over dinner before they become comatose from all of the turkey tryptophan; and maybe they’ll win that new car for an early Christmas present.
     🧥The final two days for the Leo Club ‘Coats & Blankets Drive’ are today and tomorrow only.  Please bring all of your coats and blankets by the Club Office no later than Tuesday before 5:00 because Vicki ain’t waitin’ for nobody!!
A note from the therapist:
The holidays can be a Pandora’s Box of family-related stress so it’s important to take care of yourself and have a plan if uncomfortable discussions arise.  Here are a couple of tips for dealing with difficult family situations and surviving the holiday season.
  • Avoid talking about private and personal topics.  Choose not to engage in these discussions.

  • Stay calm – take five slow, deep breaths, focusing on breathing in and out.

  • Know that you cannot change someone else, but you CAN change how you react to them.

  • If the discussion becomes intense, take a 5 minute break. 

  • Going for a walk is a great way to walk off that anger or anxiety.

  • Their issues are not your fault.

  • Stay in your lane and mind your business.

May your turkey be fat, your sweet potatoes sweet, and your Uncle Harvey’s breath be fresh!
🦃Happy Thanksgiving!!  
Catherine Prestigiovanni
Club Secretary