"Lions celebrate legacy of Don Buckalew, look to the future with 11-year-old presenter"

Will Warren / Conroe Noon Lions

The date of Wednesday, July 12, was a special day at Conroe Noon Lions Club as we remembered a legendary Lion and welcomed a local community leader with a generous and youthful heart. The Club watched a video clip showing the late Mr. Buckalew sharing about how he became a Lion and when he joined the Conroe Noon Club. The club members stood out of respect for his words as the images played across the screen.

Our President Jason Miller had some impactful words to share with the Club as he began his term. He spoke about his experiences at the International Convention in Boston and shared about what makes Lions unique is that they choose to serve. He emphasized this powerful truth with the statement “they don’t have to, they get to” serve. Jason also highlighted the success of the Lions Club International Foundation and their Campaign 100 program in raising $68 million!

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