Conroe Noon Lions: Club members read to students, help with field day at Reaves Elementary

Morgan Freeman/ Conroe Noon Lions

Whatever you do, don’t commit murder! Crepe-murder that is. (Although you should most definitely avoid the regular kind too.) At this week’s Conroe Noon Lions Club meeting, Lion and arborist Ed Dolphin gave a great presentation on tree care with a special emphasis on the often-abused tree, the Crepe Myrtle. Driving around, you’ll probably have noticed most people hacking off the tops of their Crepe Myrtle trees; Ed begs you not to do this.

While the trees do require some pruning, cutting off the tops of the trunks will severely stunt the growth and flourishing of your tree. If you’re seeing your Crepe Myrtle’s bark turning black in the summer, it’s because of your misguided pruning attempts. Instead, you can thin out the tree by removing crowding and trunks without strong growth. For those of you that have already “crepe-murdered” your tree this year, be glad that being an arborist doesn’t invest Ed with the power to arrest you for your crimes. 


Service Saturday is coming up on March 16, and Lions will be building footlockers for the Texas Lions Camp from 8 a.m. to noon.  Lions be sure to show up at the Owen Pavilion ready to show off your construction skills. Andrew Perry and Hannah Medley might have been overheard bragging that no one can build footlockers better than they can, so show up and prove them wrong. 

Speaking of Texas Lions Camp, registration is now open for Summer 2024. If you know a child with a physical disability, diabetes, or Downs Syndrome go visit the camp’s website ( to learn more.  Kids attend camp with no cost to the family. 

It’s almost time for the fair here in Montgomery County, happening April 11-21. If you’re planning on attending the carnival, concerts, or competitions, be sure to stop by the Conroe Noon Lions Club concession stand. Every year, Lions head out to the fair to make sure fairgoers have healthier options than just funnel cake.  Instead, you can choose from more nutritionally complete foods like hamburgers, BBQ sandwiches, nachos, chicken tenders, and, of course, good old Lemonade. Lions, if you haven’t signed up for your fair shift yet, be sure to do so before the March 20, or a slot will be politely assigned to you. 

A huge shout out to our community partners of the week Lessman Roofing & Sheetmetal and the Pierson Firm! Thank you for helping us be ‘the greatest Lions club in the world!’


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