Conroe Noon Lions Club: Texas Lions Camp recruiting campers for summer camp for children with disabilities

Mike Medved/ Conroe Noon Lions

Greeting from the "Greatest Lions Club in the world."  The Conroe Noon Lions President, Jason Miller began the meeting as usual with God Bless America and pledges followed by the invocation led by Raymond McDonald. Judge Wayne Mack got everyone going with the Happy Birthday song for the April birthday members and then he got everyone pumped up by singing our favorite ‘Smile’ song.  

Club business was next.  The Community Partner for this Week was Mike Stoecker and the Stoecker Corporation.  Next came an update on our adopted school, Reaves Elementary, and last week’s recess rewards.  Our 3rd Vice President Sharene Carr spoke about our upcoming fair concessions and the man-power needed to run a weeklong event.  This is a big fund raiser and service project for Conroe Noon. C. Pat Davis then talked about the Members Fair Buyer’s Group, which began in 1990, where members of the club donate money to purchase items from the various Montgomery County Fair auctions. 

Program Chair Mike Sproba introduced our guest Jason Moreland with Chubb Insurance.  He has 22 years’ experience in the insurance business.  He helped us understand why our insurance rates are going up.  He said there are many factors that cause insurance to go up.  Inflation on building materials plus a shortage of skilled workers causing housing prices and rates to go up.  Auto insurance is driven by drivers being distracted, speeding drivers, and getting bigger awards in lawsuits.  Jason also explained the biggest natural disaster is flooding.  Believe it or not, you have a lot better chance of getting flooded than lost in a fire.  Overall, it was a very informative program about the many factors that cause a raise in insurance. 

As summertime approaches, I would like to finish by educating everyone about the Texas Lions Camp which is located in Kerrville, Texas.  This camp is FREE for children with disabilities and now is the time we begin to recruit campers for this year’s summer sessions. There are two camps for kids with diabetes.  Plus, ten other camps.  There are nurses on hand plus plenty of camp counselors to take care of the kids.  Horseback riding, fishing, camping, crafts, swimming are just a few of the many activities they have planned.  The kids are kept very busy and are empowered with the ‘CAN DO’ attitude.  The Conroe Noon Lions are very active with the camp, and we want to get as many campers as we can.  For more information and to learn more about TLC go to You may also contact the club office, at 936-760-1666 and a Lion will contact you.  Remember there is no cost to the family.

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