Conroe Noon Lions: Club volunteers build 20 footlockers for Texas Lions Camp

Rich Sproba/ Conroe Noon Lions

Howdy from the "Greatest Lions Club in the World." The club is humming along with only a few more months left of President, Jason Miller’s, term. 

The club and Jason are not slowing down as you can tell from the many options we have this spring to get involved.  

The Service Saturday Crew, led by Lions Hannah Medley and Andrew Perry, built 20 footlockers for the Texas Lions Camp this past weekend. Everyone walked away with all of their fingers, so it was a success.  At our adopted school, Reaves Elementary, we just finished a Field Day and on the 28th of March we will be on hand to help recognize the kids with good conduct and attendance.  Please get with Lion Helen Thornton if you are interested in helping.  Next week on the 27th, our Lions committee will review speeches from Conroe High School Juniors submitted for the Pete Brasher Memorial Speech contest.  We are looking for some of our smarter Lions to help judge the speeches so please get with 3rd VP Tracy Irvine if you have time to help. 

Moving on to our biggest opportunity to serve, it is the Montgomery County Fair concessions.  EVERY Lion is (or will be) signed up to work a shift starting April 11th.  Past President Charlie Irvine is looking for help since this is a big event and the best event to get to know your fellow Lions.  It has always been my favorite, where else can you scream orders to a Judge or Policeman to order up a hamburger or chicken finger basket and get away with it.   This is the time to say YES, as Charlie said, to serve.  If you don’t show up, you won’t get the feeling of helping our community and coming away with some great stories.

On top of the busy Spring, we also have announced the candidates for our upcoming elections.  The big news includes those running for our next 3rd Vice President.  This is a 5 year commitment and this year we have two great guys to choose from.  Lions Jake Freeman and Mike Medved are on the list so we will be voting on them soon.  The other big excitement is about who will win the Rookie of the Year. Candidates include Jason, Royce, Eric or Debbie. We also have the huge award for Lion of the Year made up of Connie Engel, Morgan Freeman, Hannah Medley, and Ricky Morton.  This is a tough decision since all of these candidates are tireless Lions that never say NO when asked to help!

Some other good news from this meeting today was the announcement of Lion of the Month for Amanda Anders.  She will need a bigger office to house all of her awards since she is always helping.  In addition, we some new Lions traded out their embarrassing new member red badge to be a full-fledged Lions.  Congrats to Anne Marie McGrew and Velvet Kopach.

During our weekly program we heard from Dr Kozhi Makai, an international Speaker, PHD in Psychology, coach, and Navy reservist about being focused!  We thrive when we focus on one thing at a time.  If we are always juggling 10 things at a time and watching every email and text on your phone, the best you can ever be is Average!  He spoke about having a “Significant Life”…not just a “good life.”  Having a significant life is one where you really help make a difference to people, communities, and future generations.  I can’t think of an easier way to become more Significant than being a member of our great Lions club.  After all, this group coordinates so much that all you have to do is say “yes” when asked to serve.  Have a Significant week!

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