"Lions club hears from area football coaches"

Rich Sproba / Conroe Noon Lions

I can’t believe it is about to be August.  That usually means we will be dealing with some hotter weather but not sure if that is possible this year.  Speaking of things heating up, that is almost our norm when dealing with our club.  Under the new leadership of President Jason Miller, we had possibly our longest lunch meeting on record.  Even though he started early, we still had to go through our typical agenda with our songs, pledges and door prizes.  Thanks, this week to Lions Debbie Glenn of the Red Brick Tavern and Sarah McClure for providing some goodies to award to some lucky attendees. 

  In the end, it is just a great way to hear about the youth in our community and the leaders that are helping them become responsible and successful adults.  We hope you guys all have a great year, and we all appreciate the past Don Buckalew for his legacy and the ‘Pigskin Preview’.

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