Officer & Committee Duties


Presides at all meetings of the general membership, Board of Directors, and Executive Committee meetings.

Guides and directs the club to insure the involvement, enjoyment, and interest of all members; and that all goals are met.

Serves as ex-officio member of all committees.

Appoint and direct these special committees:

Awards Committee: This committee is in charge of ordering, engraving, and delivering all awards for the Annual Installation Banquet held each year in June.

Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee will select and interview potential candidates for club offices. The committee shall submit a slate of qualifying candidates for the various club offices at the nominating meeting held each year in March.

Safety Officer: The Safety Officer should inspect each club function for safety and potential hazards. He should review each event with the Lions International Checklist to limit liability and control possible problems.

Facility/Food Committee: This committee is activated as needed to address issues arising from the meeting location, facility, catering, and/or food services.


Finance & Fund Raising

Community Partnerships:  A unique, exciting, and inclusive fund raising effort.  The Community Partners program is a fund raising effort that provides year-round donations that provide a combination of various sponsorships and participation in each of the Conroe Noon Lions Club fundraising events.  Parnterships are purchased for a one year period, from July through June, coinciding with the Lions club year.  Each level of sponsorship offers various degrees of advertising and involvement, along with year-round recognition at all the Conroe Noon Lions Club Charity functions.

Annual Golf Tournament: The Annual Lions Club Golf Tournament began in 1987 and has been held at many local golf courses around Montgomery County. This one-day event has turned into a fun and easy moneymaker with very little manpower required. This event is typically held in April or May.

Lucky Derby: The Lucky Derby Car Raffle was started in conjunction with the Annual Lions Club Carnival and was the Carnival’s largest money-making event. Each raffle ticket is sold for $100, with 650 tickets being distributed, and from these the 26 finalists are drawn. Each year a “Winner’s Finale” is held for the 26 finalists to receive a prize with a value of at least $200.00. The final winner drives away in a brand new Chevy vehicle. Ticket sales begin the beginning of November, and the drawing is usually held in early December.

Fair Buyers Group: Being a community minded organization with an emphasis on kids and having a good working relationship with the Montgomery County Fair Association, the club formed its Members Buyers Group in 1990. So not to take any funds away from the already existing service projects, the club members contribute individually to the group to purchase 4-H & FFA projects at the Montgomery County Fair Auctions.

Clay Shoot: This event began in March 2004 as a Skeet Shoot and began to raise funds for capitol improvements at the Lions Park.  It has now moved to a Sporting Clay Shoot, 4-man teams take their turn on a competitive 50-target clay field.  The event is held on a Saturday morning and contestants are offered a light breakfast and lunch after the competition; trophies, prizes, and a Live Auction add to the fun and fellowship of the day.

Dinner/Dance & Auction:  At one time, the Rodeo Dance & Auction was one of the most profitable and most funded areas of the annual Lions Club Rodeo.  In keeping with this profitable event, a Dinner/Dance & Auction was developed with a theme of ‘the Legend of the Lion’.  The event hosts approximately 700 guests and includes a sit-down dinner, live music, and both a live & silent auction.  This event takes place mid-September.

Membership Committee:
Recruiting/Orientation Committee: This committee is responsible for the addition of new members along with educating, involving, and stimulating members to continue as active Lions. This committee processes all new membership applications, interviews potential new members, and presents them to the board of directors for membership approval. This committee conducts new member inductions and orientations throughout the year.

Retention – Drops & Delinquents: This committee investigates requests for drop, members with substantial absences, and those members delinquent in dues payments. They attempt to resolve conflicts or discrepancies and every effort is made to retain members. If a drop request is due to a move or change in work location, effort is made to transfer a Lion to another club, rather than drop a member from Lionism.

Member Services Committee:  This committee works to welcome and inform new members about the club and its activities. It also acts as a liaison between the general membership and those Lions with special need (E.I., sickness, etc.).

Programs Coordinator: The Programs Coordinator keeps a calendar of weekly programs presented at the club meetings. He is in charge of arranging informative and entertaining programs, along with scheduling programs and important club functions (E.I., inductions, club elections, etc.).

Constitution & By-laws Committee: The board of directors will ask this committee to interpret any conflicts or discrepancies that might occur in the club, district, or International procedures and protocol.

Publicity & Public Relations: Committee chair and co-chairs are asked to use this committee in getting the news out to the general public about our many fund raisers and service projects.


Public & Health Services

Christmas Baskets: Each year the club works to identify less fortunate elderly or shut-in families to provide food/toiletry baskets during the holiday season. Members traditionally deliver these Christmas baskets after the last Wednesday meeting in December, just before the holiday break.

Drug Awareness: The Drug Awareness committee participates in programs such as Red Ribbon Week, the DARE Program, and Operation Graduation. Each year this committee sponsors a high-school senior as a contestant in the district Drug Awareness Speech Contest that is held in early spring.

Diabetic Essay Contest: Each year this committee sponsors a contestant to the District Diabetic Essay Contest, applications are given to Conroe High School seniors to complete along with submitting a 1,500 words essay on an assigned topic regarding diabetes. The winner receives a $1,000 scholarship and an opportunity to compete at the District & State contests for additional scholarship funds.

Humanitarian Assistance: The Humanitarian Assistance committee is designed to evaluate requests that do not qualify for one of the other club service programs. These requests generally involve unusual situations from those on fixed income or in financial emergencies. This committee has purchased or arranged for such items as wheelchairs, hospital beds, breathing machines, prosthetics, built porches with ramps, repaired heaters, assisted with natural disaster relief, and much more.

Service Saturday: One Saturday each month, Lions take part in a “hands on” service project in the community. Saturdays are designated around current club functions. Project ideas are derived from club members, and from community members who know of a need. Service Saturdays are designed to satisfies a need in the community, provide positive club exposure in the community; assists with member retention and comradery and collaborate with other service organizations in the area.

Sight Conservation:
Eyeglass Program: This committee is the largest community service project of the Conroe Noon Lions Club. The committee works very closely with Conroe ISD nurses and personnel in identifying children in need of eye examinations and glasses. In addition, CNLC has partnered with the Homeless Coalition of Montgomery County to conduct periodic vision screenings for those in need. Occasionally, the committee has assisted the elderly and those on limited income on a case-by-case basis. In the past, this committee has worked with the blind, furnished vision-testing equipment to area schools, and supplied visual aids for the county library.

Eyeglass Recycling Center: In 2007, the transfer of the used eyeglass recycling operations from the Telecom Pioneer Eyeglass Center to the Conroe Noon Lions Club to place. The eyeglass recycling center collects, sorts, cleans, categorizes and distributes quality eyeglasses for medical mission trips to developing nations. We collect used eyeglasses year-round by placing collection boxes at optometry offices and various other locations around the city. Along with being a collection point for other Lion Clubs around the greater Houston area. Club members and volunteers provide the manpower for the various tasks and the center is open on Tuesdays & Thursdays for volunteer hours.

Sight Awareness: This committee promotes sight awareness through education and vision screenings. With the purchase of vision screening equipment, club volunteers assist at community vision screening to inform the public of possible vision health issues. CNLC works diligently with the Conroe Assistance League during the month of November to screen area pre-school students at local day care centers. Along with periodic screening to assist the Homeless Coalition of Montgomery or other community events.

Hearing Conservation: This committee works with Conroe ISD personnel to identify children with limited hearing or hearing problems. The club funds hearing examinations and the replacing and/or repairing of hearing aids. Occasionally this committee will help with elderly and limited income cases as funds allow.

Texas Lions Camp:
Campers: The Texas Lions Camp, chartered in 1949 in Kerrville, Texas, is a camp for children with physical disabilities and diabetes. The camp is sponsored by all the Lions Clubs in the State of Texas and operates several camping sessions throughout the summer. The camp is free of charge to the camper’s family and supports campers in building self-reliance, friendship, and self-esteem through their own achievements. Each year CNLC works with Conroe ISD nurses, medical clinics, and the media to locate potential campers. The Conroe Noon Lions also helps the District to sponsor a round-trip bus at no charge to the campers. Applications for the year’s camping sessions are available in January.

Work Weekend : Each year the Texas Lions Camp asks for assistance from Texas clubs to help with projects to get the camp ready for the upcoming summer sessions. A group of volunteers from CNLC has traditionally made an overnight trip in the spring to the camp to help with projects such as building grandstands, painting buildings, building handrails on wheelchair ramps, and more. After a long day at the camp, the evenings are typically reserved for socializing. This is a rewarding and much anticipated weekend trip.

Lions Information: This committee is to keep the membership informed of upcoming events at the Club, District, State, and International levels; as well as, give a brief review to club members about the business conducted from the monthly board of directors meeting.

‘kids on the lake’ – fishing tournament: The ‘kids on the lake’ – fishing tournament began in 1998, and is designed for physically, visually or mentally challenged children ages 5-18. It is held each year in early May at the Conroe Family YMCA. This is a fun day of fishing, games, prizes and lunch for those deserving children.

Hometown Military Project : In the CNLC’s desire to support locally deployed military personnel; it developed the Hometown Military Project. This in an effort to show the club cares, respects and honors our US military. In addition, to engage our children and teens in supporting those who sacrifice on their behalf.  The club adopts an active duty service personnel candidate to support, recognize and send appreciations to for a club year (June-July).


Recreation & Social Services

Christmas Social: Traditionally, this event is held at the last club meeting before the holiday break. This is a social event for the members and their spouses to enjoy the fellowship and spirit of the holidays.

Installation Banquet: The annual Installation Banquet is held in mid-June of each year. This event awards committee chairs & co-chairs, board members, and officers on the accomplishments of the previous year; as well as, installs the incoming officers for the new Lions year. The club’s highest awards, “Rookie of the Year” and “Lion of the Year” are also announced at this banquet.

Outstanding Youth Contest: Each year this committee sponsors a high school senior as a contestant in the District’s Outstanding Youth Contest. Each contestant must submit an application and go through an interview process. Finalists appear at a club meeting where the top three finalists are selected. Each finalist receives a $1,000 scholarship, and the winner receives an additional $1,000 and the opportunity to compete at the District & State contests for additional scholarship funds. The club holds this contest in the fall.

Scholarships: This committee will award $22,000.00 in scholarships. Scholarships are awarded based on academic performance, leadership skills and activities, desire to pursue higher education, and financial need. Consideration is also given to, but not limited to, those planning to attend a trade or vocational school. Scholarship funds are available to seniors at Conroe High School as well as seniors at an accredited private/parochial school in the Conroe area.

Greeter/Lion Tamer: The Lion Tamer acts as the official club greeter, welcoming members, Lions’ guests, and speakers to the club meetings. New members are asked to assist the greeter as a way to meet club members and becoming involved.

Convention Hospitality Committee: Traditionally, the Conroe Noon Lions Club hosts a hospitality room at the District 2-S2 Annual Convention. Being the largest club in the district, this committee is in charge of arranging a room, refreshments, and food where the district & club members can fellowship and enjoy the camaraderie of one another.

Leo Clubs – Conroe High School: The Leo Club liaison works closely with the Leo Club school advisor to guide and counsel the Leo Club to ensure that it is operating within the policies of Lions Club International. The Leo Club liaison, or a member from the committee, should attend each meeting of the Leo Club or its board of directors meetings to establish a close working relationship with the club’s members. The liaison reports to the board of directors on the activities planned and organized by the Leo Club for approval and participation if help is needed from the Lions Club.

Park Committee: The Conroe Noon Lions Club along with the City of Conroe broke ground for the “Lions Park” on June 17, 1997, and officially opened in June 1999. In the spring of 2001, a new cover pavilion was added to the park by way of a matching grant proposal. This committee continues to work with the City of Conroe to raise funds and add improvements to this joint park project, and possibly others in the future.

Concessions – Fair: This committee has been is in charge of all concessions needed for club activities; ranging from the Fair, Bull Rides, and PRCA rodeo. Different chairmen may be called upon for different events, but care is taken to maintain inventory control, food quality, and profitable pricing.


Serve as recording officer of the club and liaison between club and District and International. Acts under direction of President and Board of Directors.

Submits monthly MMR reports.

Keeps the general club records, including:
– Minutes of Club and Board Meetings.
– Committee Appointments
– Officers List
– Members’ Attendance Records
– List of Members showing: classification, address, telephone numbers, spouse’s name, and classification

Keeps record of credits that members have towards awards such as attendance, chevrons, and key awards.

Prepares agenda of meeting and distributes to Board of Directors with reminder of meetings.

Prepares and submits other reports as requested.

Makes application to International for awards.

Secures bond for President and Treasurer and others as directed by the Board of Directors.

Advises Treasurer of all International dues and fees as well as other expenditures to be paid.

Serves as bulletin assistant.


Assist Secretary as directed by him, President, or Board of Directors.

Serves as bulletin editor.


Serves as financial officer of the club and acts under supervision of President and Board of Directors.

Keeps the club’s financial records including:
– Detailed record of receipts & disbursements
– Transaction sheets showing receipts & disbursements from the previous month for both accounts
– Income Statement for both accounts

Prepares an annual budget for Administrative and Activity Funds of the club and presents to the board monthly

Pays all International dues and fees timely, as well as, other obligations of the club.

Prepare all returns required by the Internal Revenue Service.


Assist Treasurer as directed by him, the President, or Board of Directors.

Issues regular dues statements to members; collect all dues and other monies due to the club.

Keeps the club financial records, including:
– Members’ Accounts
– Collection & Expenditures of Charity Funds


Promotes harmony, good fellowship, liveliness, and enthusiasm at all meetings.

Provides stunts or games, and the imposition of fines on any club member. There shall be no ruling from his decision in imposing fines; however, no member shall be fined more than twice at any one meeting. The Tail Twister may not be fined except by unanimous vote of all members present.

All monies collected by the Tail Twister shall be turned over immediately to the Treasurer.

Assists Program Committee (or Chairman), Attendance Committee, Lions Information Committee, Finance Committee, Convention Committee, and others when possible and appropriate.

Performs other duties as requested by the President or Board of Directors.


Assists the Tail Twister as directed by him, the President, or the Board of Directors.

Takes over appropriate duties in the absence of the Tail Twister.


Takes charge of and assumes responsibility for the club’s property and paraphernalia.

Is the official Greeter, welcomes all Lion members, guests, and speakers at meeting room door.

Places flags, gong, gavel, songbooks, name badges in proper place before each meeting.

Distributes bulletins, favors, and literature at meetings as required and assists program if appropriate.

Acts as Sergeant-at-Arms at meetings.

Insures that those present are properly seated including program speaker and guests at the head table.


Assists the Lion Tamer as directed by him, the President, or Board of Directors.


Serves as member of the Board of Directors to help in the guidance and policies of the club.

Assists the President as requested.

Assists the Vice Presidents and their committees as requested.

Office Phone Number

Fax Number

Meeting Location
Lone Star Convention Center
9055 Airport Road, Conroe, TX 77303

Office Location
1106 Wilson Road, Conroe Texas, 77301

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1135, Conroe, Texas, 77305

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