The Conroe Lions Club was chartered in 1939 with a group of 25 business men dedicated to improving their growing community. In 1986, the club changed its name to the Conroe Noon Lions Club and has since grown to be the second largest club in America and is a beacon of service to the Conroe area! At home and abroad, CNLC Lions are rolling up their sleeves and working to help five of the world’s most critical causes: Diabetes, the Environment, Hunger, Childhood Cancer, and Vision.
Diabetes | Environment| Hunger
Childhood Cancer| Vision
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Conroe LEO Club

Teens, aged 12-17, learn more about the LEO club.
CNLC has launched a new LEO Club, a service organization that also helps students develop leadership, project management, communication, and creative skills... all while making a positive impact in Conroe and around the world. 

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