Conroe Noon Lions hear from State Rep. Will Metcalf

Conroe Noon Lions hear from State Rep. Will Metcalf

Elizabeth Anderson / Conroe Noon Lions

Greetings to all Lions and readers. As summer is setting and fall is approaching Lions are off to a great start after a successful Community Partnership campaign.  Lion First Vice President Bryan Rennell has miraculously grown all of his hair back after hitting our goal.  Congratulations to Bryan and the club for all the hard work.  We continue in the busy month of September with an upcoming Service Saturday project at Family Promise of Montgomery County where the first 10 Lions will earn a free paint brush.  After we have painted our lives away the club will be participating in ‘Read for a Better Life’ program with Reaves Elementary School on Wednesday, Sept. 20th.  Conroe Noon is also actively looking for any current active military personnel to apply for our Hometown Hero Military project, where we will support a chosen service member and their family for the 2023-2024 club year. The deadline for applications is September 30th. At the end of the month we will be supporting vision with the Pre School Vision Screenings that will run through November in our area. Last but not least the club is preparing for their Annual Clay Shoot which will be held on Saturday, October 7th at Blackwood Gun Club.  Don’t let the clays fly by and make sure to sign up for your team now!


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Conroe Noon Lions gear up for busy year

"Conroe Noon Lions gear up for busy year"

Christie Sproba / Conroe Noon Lions

As the kids go back to school and we wind up our summer activities, the Conroe Noon Lions are gearing up for a busy year. 
Congratulations to Lion Shelia Thomas for being selected as ‘Lion of the Month’ for July.  Shelia keeps busy on many of our committees and has been a dedicated volunteer and supporter of the Texas Lions Camp.  Lion Jason Gilchrist was awarded an official blue badge after completing a number of club activities.  Great job, Jason!

One of the biggest projects of the year is the Community Partner campaign.  

Conroe Noon Lions gear up for busy year CHRISTIE SPROBA 2023-08-21 05:00:00Z 0 Community Partner,LEO Club,Service Saturday

Lions mourn passing longtime leader Stewart

"Lions mourn passing longtime leader Stewart"

Eddie Davis / Conroe Noon Lions

These are the dog days of summer. The extreme temperatures this summer have everything to do with the tilt of the earth toward the sun, causing the sun’s rays to strike the Northern Hemisphere more directly for a longer period of time. The earth slightly wobbles as it rotates, thus shifting the plane … and this year it seems to have shifted slightly forward. The phrase “Dog Days of Summer” stems from the fact dogs tend to be a bit on the lazy side during the hottest days of summer. What’s your dog doing right now? But rest assured, Conroe Noon Lion members are still finding ways to make a difference.    

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Lions hear from area football coaches

"Lions club hears from area football coaches"

Rich Sproba / Conroe Noon Lions

I can’t believe it is about to be August.  That usually means we will be dealing with some hotter weather but not sure if that is possible this year.  Speaking of things heating up, that is almost our norm when dealing with our club.  Under the new leadership of President Jason Miller, we had possibly our longest lunch meeting on record.  Even though he started early, we still had to go through our typical agenda with our songs, pledges and door prizes.  Thanks, this week to Lions Debbie Glenn of the Red Brick Tavern and Sarah McClure for providing some goodies to award to some lucky attendees. 

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Pigskin Preview

"Conroe Noon Lions annual Pigskin Preview meeting set for this Wednesday"

Rob Hamilton / Conroe Noon Lions

Greetings to all Lions and readers. So, why don’t celebrities worry about the heat? They have a lot of fans. Made you grin, possibly a little chuckle? I hope so. Having fun while serving our community is high on my priority list. I truly believe this is a common trait for the 300-plus members of the Conroe Noon Lions Club. This month we started a new Lions Club year and I’m anticipating fun and frivolity as we navigate through our annual community projects and endeavors. It seems to me that as soon as a new year starts, it ends. Time flies by when you’re engaged. If you’re stuck in “meh,” take yourself out of park and shift into drive by attending a meeting, Service Saturday, or one of our many projects. Let’s move on to the updates from our last Wednesday meeting.

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Celebrate Legacy

"Lions celebrate legacy of Don Buckalew, look to the future with 11-year-old presenter"

Will Warren / Conroe Noon Lions

The date of Wednesday, July 12, was a special day at Conroe Noon Lions Club as we remembered a legendary Lion and welcomed a local community leader with a generous and youthful heart. The Club watched a video clip showing the late Mr. Buckalew sharing about how he became a Lion and when he joined the Conroe Noon Club. The club members stood out of respect for his words as the images played across the screen.

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Lions Mourn Don Buckalew

"Conroe Noon Lions mourn passing of 67-year Lion Don Buckalew"

Warner Phelps / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Conroe Noon is experiencing yet another bittersweet moment as we celebrate Jason Miller’s ascension to the Presidency while mourning the loss of yet another club monarch. Many who follow our club know the logo for Lions Club international has twin Lions, which per LCI founder Melvin Jones, “represent a lion facing the past with pride and the future with confidence, looking in all directions to render service.” We have said farewell to many wonderful Lions over the past few years and Past International Director Don Buckalew’s passing is one of the most significant for the Conroe Noon Lions Club. There has been no Lion in the history of our club who lived a life to be proud of, while facing the future with confidence and looking in all directions to render service.

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Inspirational Mattress Mack

"‘Mattress Mack’ delivers inspirational speech to Conroe Noon Lions"

Rob Hamilton / Conroe Noon Lions

The Conroe Noon Lions Club had perhaps one of its largest club meetings in history this past Wednesday at the Lone Star Convention Center. Our Community Partners Appreciation Luncheon brought together approximately 325 Lions, Community Partners and guests to break bread and hear about how, where, and who receives funding from the CNLC charity fund. Lion Jason Miller, our new President, first recognized the four levels of partners - Knights of the Blind, Guiding Light, Vision Ambassadors, and Sight Savers. Over half the room was standing proudly.

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CNLC is Growing

"Conroe Noon Lions grow with 8 new members"

Morgan Freeman / Conroe Noon Lions

The Conroe Noon Lions Club 2022-23 year has finally come to an end, and it went out with a bang! This past Friday night was the annual installation banquet at the April Sound Lakeside Room. It was a perfect setting for our ‘Set Sail’ theme to end a yearlong mission to “Row the Boat.” The CNLC welcomed all new club officers and our next fearless leader: Club President Jason Miller! A fun night was had by all, and we are ready for another successful year. 

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CNLC Sponsors Kids for TLC

"Conroe Noon Lions sponsor 10 kids for Lions Camp"

Christie Sproba / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Summertime is here! The signs are all around us with hot temperatures, students out for the summer, and a new Lions year upon us. It’s hard to believe Lion Warner Phelps is finishing his year as president soon. Friday night should be a fun-filled night at the 2023 Conroe Noon Lions Club Installation Banquet at the April Sound — Lakeside Room. Warner will be “thrown overboard” as 1st VP Lion Jason Miller will take over the helm. This year’s theme is “Setting Sail” which aligns with President Warner’s message of, “Row the Boat”. I am looking forward to an evening with some of our best Lions as we celebrate a successful year and kick off a new one.  

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Speech Contest

"Pete Brasher Memorial Speech Contest"

Conroe Noon Lions Club

Last week the Conroe Noon Lions Club held a multigenerational meeting with their Pete Brasher Memorial Speech Contest, so named for a beloved past president and program chairman, the contest is held at CHS for junior class students in preparation for upcoming senior class scholarship contests and is based on the Lions International 5-global causes. Pictured from the left are Arisha Itrat, Kathryn Quarles, Pete's daughter Danielle Rapp, and Adrianna Loafman.  

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Installation Banquet Set

  "Conroe Noon Lions 2023-24

   Installation Banquet set for June 16"

   Eddie Davis / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Good morning Conroe/Montgomery County, summer has arrived. On behalf of the Conroe Noon Lions Club, we want to congratulate our educators on an outstanding year of teaching and keeping our children safe. We also want to wish all of our parents and children a safe and happy summer. Plus, congratulations to all of the new graduates of all levels, we wish you the best and may you always dare to do great things. CNLC held their 37th annual golf tournament at the Walden Country Club on Thursday, May 25. Thanks to “Paddling for Par” tournament Chairman James “JB” Boyd and Walden on Lake Conroe Golf Pro Danny Jones and staff for putting on an excellent event. The “Paddle up”- chipping with a boat paddle and “Life Saver”- putting into a life vest, gimmick holes added to the fun. Of the 188 players, the winners for the AM flight were the Conroe Welding Supply team of: Ryan Morton, Kris Ogorchok, Randy Barcus, David Abercrombie and for the PM flight went to the Sam Houston Memorial Funeral Home team of: Will Smith, Jeremy Woodward, Garret Sanders.
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Annual Golf Tournament at Lake Conroe

"Conroe Lions prepare for annual golf tournament at Lake Conroe Golf Course"

Rob Hamilton / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Greetings to all Lions and readers. May certainly has been a busy month for the Conroe Noon Lions Club. Let’s check the list of accomplishments. First, our Annual Spring Style Show featuring special needs adults from the New Danville community. Watch out New York and Paris. Kudos to Lion Scharlene Valdez and committee. Second, Texas Lions Camp Workday. Over 40 Lions and family members traveled to TLC, our camp for diabetic and physically challenged children and knocked out the entire to-do list to make the camp ready for summer. Memories made. Well done Lion Andrew Perry and committee. Third, 750 scrump-dillyicious sno-cones served to students at the Reaves Elementary School Field Day. Whew, what a day! Thank you, Lion Nicole Moon, and the sticky committee.
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Annual Golf Tournament

"Conroe Noon Lions preparing for 37th annual golf tournament"

Sharene Carr / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Greetings from the Conroe Noon Lions Club, the “Greatest Lions Club in the World.” This past week brough another great luncheon meeting with an excellent group of people. Our meeting started with our usual songs, pledges, invocation, and introduction of guests. The Community Partner Spotlight of the Week was Stoecker Corp. Thank you for your support of the Conroe Noon Lions Club.On Monday, May 15, from 1 to 3 p.m., Conroe Noon Lions will be hosting a Vision Screening at the Community Assistance Center. Please contact our club office or Lion Connie Engle if you are interested in participating. 
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Spring Style Show

"Conroe Noon Lions host annual Spring Style Show supporting New Danville"

Rob Hamilton / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Greetings to all Lions and readers. As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” The Conroe Noon Lions Club certainly has a lot of programs, projects, and events blooming this month. According to Committee Chair, Lion Andrew Perry, CNLC had over 40 Lions along with family members travel to the Texas Lions Camp this past Saturday for a workday to prepare the camp for a big summer serving boys and girls with disabilities. It’s also a great time for our Lions to serve outside our community, get to know one another, create friendships, and make memories. I can’t wait to hear at our next club meeting on Wednesday all the tales of accomplishments and calamity. At last week’s meeting we hosted our annual Special Spring Style Show. Committee Chair Lion, Scharlene Valdez, and her committee created an extravaganza the Paris fashion icons would be envious of. Our featured models were special needs adults from the New Danville community. Brooke, David, Alyssa, Jordan, Judith, Seth and Jessica each sported a themed attire for “A Day at the”… Beach, Fishing, Bowling, you get the idea.
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TLC Camp

"Conroe Noon Lions: Texas Lions Camp work weekend coming up May 5-6"

Christie Sproba / Conroe Noon Lions Club

The Conroe Noon Lions Club is plenty busy with a lot of spring activities ahead. First Vice President Jason Miller did an excellent job last week filling in for President Warner Phelps and congratulations to Lion Debbie Hooker on working hard to earn her permanent badge. Last week our Vision Screening Committee attended Healthy Kids Day at Travis Intermediate School, screening over 145 students. 
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Kids on the Lake

"Conroe Noon Lions ‘Kids on the Lake’ fishing event set for May 13"

Will Warren / Conroe Noon Lions

It was a memorable day of birthday announcements and entertaining “speed dating” as the Conroe Noon Lions Club members gathered this past Wednesday at the Lone Star Convention Center. We were reminded quickly about the incredible legacy and leadership our Club has had over the years when the Lions joined in serenading Past President & Past District Governor James Stewart. James was gracious as many members came over and posed for a photo with him for his 88th birthday!
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Pete Brasher Speech Contest

"Conroe Noon Lions host winners of Pete Brasher speech contest"

Eddie Davis / Conroe Noon Lions Club

On behalf of the Conroe Noon Lions Club, we would like to say thank you to all those that came out during the Montgomery County Fair and supported all of the exhibitors during the livestock and non-livestock showings. The Montgomery County Fair Association is the largest scholarship program in Montgomery County, providing an estimated $150,000 in scholarships yearly. 
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Workforce Education

"Conroe grad ‘Meme’ Davis presents program on workforce education at Conroe Noon Lions"

Will Warren / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Welcome to another Wednesday with Conroe Noon Lions Club! April is full of action and events. First off the Pete Brashear Memorial Speech Contest is scheduled for April 12, we will honor Past President Ralph Perez with the Past District Governor Distinguished Achievement Award at the District Convention on April 21 and April 22 at Houston Hilton North and then on that same day (April 22) there will be a Vision Screening for kids ages 2-14 at Travis Intermediate School from 8:30 a.m. to noon.
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Lions at the Fair

"Conroe Noon Lions: As Montgomery County Fair kicks off, C. Pat Davis discusses CNLC Fair Buyers Group"

Sharene Carr / Conroe Noon Lions

Greetings from the Conroe Noon Lions Club, the “Greatest Lions Club in the World.” Wednesday brought another great luncheon meeting with an excellent group of people. Our meeting started with our usual songs, pledges, invocation, and introduction of guests. It was a men vs women battle on our weekly song rendition of “Smile” with the men clearly leading the way in terms of volume. The Community Partner of the Spotlight of the Week went to Pierson & Pierson, CPA’s. Thank you for your support of the Conroe Noon Lions Club. In honor of longtime Lions Club member, Dick Guiffre who recently passed away, all fines collected during club this week will be donated to our beloved Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville Texas.
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Lions Mourn

"Conroe Noon Lions mourn passing of 2 longtime members"

Rob Hamilton / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Greetings to all Lions and readers. It's great to be a Lion! This article I’m sad to report two of our Lions passed recently. Lion Dick Giuffre died suddenly of a heart attack. Dick was a member for over 34 years and served the club as President in 1994-1995. Lion Dick’s wit and humor will be missed. Whenever he came to the podium or introduced a guest, Lions would shout out “stand up Dick” in reference to his height. In my memories he will have always walked tall with a getter’ done attitude. In Lion Dick’s honor- WHOOP! Our prayers and condolences to his wife, Elaine, and family. Lion Ann Johnson, a member for almost 13 years, was 105 years old when she passed.
Lions Mourn 2023-03-17 05:00:00Z 0 Condolences,Conroe,Fundraiser,Montgomery County Fair,Service Saturday

Lions Concessions

"Conroe Noon Lions will man fair concession booth March 24-30"

Morgan Freeman / Conroe Noon Lions Club

With the Dinner/Dance & Auction now in the rear view, all Lion eyes are looking ahead towards the Montgomery County Fair, and it is coming up fast. The fair runs March 23 through April 2, and the Lions Concession Stand will be open March 24 through March 30. Make sure you stop by, meet some of the Lions in the community, grab a snack, and support local Lionism.
Lions Concessions 2023-03-10 06:00:00Z 0 Community,Conroe,Fundraiser,Montgomery County Fair,Preparations

Fair Preparations

"Conroe Noon Lions prepare for Montgomery County Fair later this month"

Will Warren / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Since 1957 one signature event has been able to provide millions back to the youth of Montgomery County while also providing nearly two weeks of entertainment, delicious food, and indelible experiences for all involved. The Montgomery County Fair & Rodeo is back for its 66th year and this week we had the opportunity to hear about the impact of the event and also prepare for another year of Lions Club support.
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Montgomery County Fair Concessions

"Conroe Lions prep for Montgomery County Fair concession booth"

Eddie Davis / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Conroe Noon Lions Club is gearing up for the 2023 Montgomery County Fair, starting the week of March 23 through April 2. CNLC has operated the Fair Grounds concession stand since the early 80s. The Montgomery County Fair has been an annual ritual since 1957 and has awarded in excess of 2 million dollars in scholarships since its inception.
Montgomery County Fair Concessions CNLC Assistant 2023-02-24 06:00:00Z 1 2023,Fundraiser,Montgomery County Fair

Legend of the Lion 2023

"Conroe Noon Lions: ‘Legend of the Lion’ dinner, dance a hit with more than 450 participants"

Christie Sproba / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Conroe Noon Lions Club celebrated big last week, hosting our annual “Legend of the Lion” - Dinner/ Dance & Auction Thursday night at the Lonestar Convention Center. The theme for 2023 was “A Lions Masquerade,” and with over 450 in attendance, it was amazing to see so many friends, Lions, and community members dressed in their best.
Legend of the Lion 2023 CNLC Assistant 2023-02-20 06:00:00Z 0 2023,Auction,DDA,Fundraiser,Legend of the Lion,Masquerade

Legend of the Lion Prep

"Conroe Noon’s ‘Legend of the Lion’ fundraiser set for Thursday night"

Mike Medved / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Hello from the Conroe Noon Lions Club, “the Greatest Lions Club in the World.” We had another great meeting last Wednesday. We began as usual with the singing of “God Bless America” followed by both the “Pledge of Allegiance” and the “Texas Pledge.” Our opening invocation was led by Rev. Raymond McDonald.
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Life Member Awards

"Conroe Lions members recognized with TLC Life Member Awards"

Rob Hamilton / Conroe Noon Lions

Greetings to all Lions and readers. 2023 is off to a roaring start. The Eyeglass Recycling Center reopened with volunteers collecting, sorting, lens checking, cleaning, and packaging in preparation for distribution medical mission trips around the world. The month of January had several club events. Lions assisted with the Attend-Dance Rewards Program at Reaves Elementary School on Jan. 19 the lead by Lion Nicole Moon.
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Plans for Legend of the Lion

"Plans underway for ‘Legend of the Lion’ dinner, dance Feb. 16"

Will Warren / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Our Wednesday club meeting on Jan. 25 was full of recognition, friendly competition, and some wildly entertaining responses by our newer members to their interview questions. During announcements we learned that there is still a need for silent and live auction items for the annual “Legend of the Lion” - Dinner/Dance & Auction event coming up on Thursday, Feb. 16, at Lone Star Convention Center.
Plans for Legend of the Lion 2023-01-27 06:00:00Z 0 2023,Auction,Community,Conroe,Fundraiser,Legend of the Lion,Masquerade,Preparations


"Conroe ISD Superintendent talks growth at Conroe Noon Lions Wednesday"

Morgan Freeman / Conroe Noon Lions Club

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard the buzz around town about Conroe’s ranking as No. 6 in the nation for population and economic growth from a new study by SmartAsset. While no surprise to those who’ve looked out their car window in the past 10 years or tried grocery shopping at H-E-B, the statistics on Conroe’s growth are staggering. 
CISD at CNLC 2023-01-20 06:00:00Z 0 CISD,Children,Community,Conroe

Reflect on '22, Plan for '23

"Conroe Noon Lions reflect on 2022 and plan for 2023"

Eddie Davis / Conroe Noon Lions

Conroe Noon Lions Club is ringing in the new year in grand fashion. Conroe is thriving, having been recognized once again for one of the most robust communities in the nation by a study from the personal finance website SmartAsset. Conroe has seen a considerable economic and population five-year growth of 15 percent and CNLC is widely recognized as the largest civic organization in Conroe/Montgomery County.
Reflect on '22, Plan for '23 2023-01-13 06:00:00Z 0 2023,Community,Conroe,Preparations